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1. How long does it take to build the house after all contractual details are settled? What about installation?

We build your Dwellii house in about a month after signing the contract, and install it in just one day. The construction duration may vary slightly depending on the number of orders in progress, but our main goal is to always find solutions so that you can enjoy your home as soon as possible.

2. Do I need a foundation before I can have a DWELLII house? If yes, who takes care of this?

Yes, your Dwellii house needs a foundation. We provide you with a foundation project based on a geotechnical study, and depending on the area, we can recommend construction teams to speed up the process. Building the foundation is your responsibility. After completion, a Dwellii technician will inspect it, give the approval, and then we schedule the installation, which only takes one day.

3. Does DWELLII handle all the necessary permits for construction and placement of the house?

We provide consultancy for all the documentation needed to obtain the construction permit. The acquisition of approvals and the permit is your responsibility. Depending on the area, we can recommend trusted partners who handle obtaining the approvals and permit, thereby reducing your bureaucratic stress as much as possible.

4. Who takes care of the permits for electricity, water, and other necessary utilities?

For all these permits and authorizations, you will receive all the necessary documentation to obtain them, and we can also recommend partners depending on the location of the house, so you don't encounter administrative problems.

5. What warranty does a DWELLII house have?

Dwellii houses have a 10-year warranty for the structure, 2 years for joinery, plus the warranty offered by the manufacturers for the installed equipment.

6. Can I personalize the interior and exterior with any colors and finishes I want? Or are there preset options?

We have designed and optimized Dwellii houses for a harmonious and functional living experience. Our architects have selected all the technical and design details to meet your expectations and needs. Nothing is placed randomly. And if you still want extra personalization, no problem: you can choose wall finishes, bathroom fixtures, color & layout of furniture, and floor finishing. For the facade and joinery, we have several finish options for you to choose from, so you feel it's exactly as you wished.

7. What do you mean by "a modular house"? Can I add another module to the house at any time, or does this possibility need to be considered from the beginning?

Dwellii TR and Dwellii CC houses are designed as unique modules that don't require the addition of any other components. However, since the possibility of expanding the house later is a real need, we are already working on a model that can be adapted over time by adding new modules.

8. Can I visit an already built house?

Yes, the houses can be visited in the Dwellii show-village that we are currently working on and will inaugurate in the spring of 2024.

9. Can the house be 100% off the grid, i.e., not dependent on utilities?

Yes, your Dwellii house can be equipped with an incinerating toilet, water tank, photovoltaic panels, and storage batteries. For even greater autonomy, you can opt for a greywater filtration system and a rainwater filtration and reuse system. All these are optional, and you can discuss the details with one of our colleagues.

10. Can I choose a house of different sizes or configurations?

We are working hard on modular house models that allow different sizes & configurations for various uses and functions.