What is

We are a team of dreamers with a knack for doing. Just like you.

And regardless of how much research you’ve already put in, we’re here to put your mind at ease: there’s a way micro-homes get built the right way: with premium design, access to the best architects in the business, and an overall flawless execution.

We work on every home just as if it were our own. And deliver it... in one day.

Because simple is beautiful, and beautiful is a deserving goal.

The Dwellii homes are perfectly designed for both working & living conditions.

And even though “compartmentalization” is a pretty long word, notice the “art” in it. We take it seriously.

Compromise is a tricky beast, so we want nothing to do with it when creating your micro dream home: all details & finishing touches are smoothly integrated, to make sure quality is here to stay.

There’s no small work in tiny houses, but we put it all together faster that you can imagine.

Discover our houses

Dwellii TR #1

52 m2

Dwellii TR #2

52 m2

Dwellii MA

70 m2

Dwellii CC

54 m2

Ever owned a small home with large spaces? The beautiful paradox of Dwellii TR #1 is here. Tap into the potential of a 52 sqm house that will rival your main one!

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Magic & Multifunctional

When it comes to houses, small should never mean boring or low quality. Never ever. Small can be efficient, useful, gorgeous, and many other good things. We have proof of that. And we got a knack for putting it all together in 1 day or less.

Constructive system

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Quality materials

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Energy efficient

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Your time is your own

A Dwellii home allows you to relax and simply let the experts handle everything. No stress, no hassle.


Premium design

We work with the best designers & architects so that your dream home comes to life exactly the way you envision it. And better.


Modular & Transportable

A modular house offers flexibility. In time, if you wish, you can alter its space, add compartments, and even move elsewhere altogether.


One-day installation.

Or even faster. We have everything ready, so the installation gets done extremely fast. For your convenience and your neighbours’.


One smile, one partnership

You just work with us. No other contracts with architects, designers or constructors. We deliver it fully furnished and ready to be used.


Best in the biz

We take pride in our work. But also take pride in the ones we work with: the best architecture offices in the country working for your project.


Surprise me not!

Things you learn from day 1: the price & the day you can move in. The only surprise you’ll be getting is how much you’ll love your modular house.




1. How long does it take to build the house after all contractual details are settled? What about installation?

2. Do I need a foundation before I can have a DWELLII house? If yes, who takes care of this?

3. Does DWELLII handle all the necessary permits for construction and placement of the house?



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