Dwellii TR #2

Experience nature at home


Dwellii TR #2

Experience nature at home

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A useful surface of 52 sq.m. that is optimized for
maximum comfort
Ability to connect Smart Home systems for an integrated experience
Modular structure, easy to transport and install
in maximum 24 hours.
Automated ventilation with heat recovery.
Natural lit bathroom, equipped with a spacious shower.
Roof waterproofing with ultra-resistant FPO Sika membrane.
Thermal insulation using 20 cm of Rockwool basalt wool.
Option for installing a wood-burning fireplace.
Ventilated facade made of thermally treated pine from Lunawood.
Option for complete furnishing.
Fire-resistant electrical boxes and cables, differential and arc fault protection switches.
Ultra-resistant to moisture, dirt, and wear hardwood flooring from Terhurne or triple-layer oak parquet.

Just you
and your house

The Dwellii TR #2 is a new version of our first and most successful model, TR. We have preserved the durability of the carefully crafted concept, but introduced a design adapted to different requirements, with a flexibility that complements its potential. And this is evident in the features below.

The chosen color for the facade imitates the natural aging of wood, while the walls and ceiling are clad with natural oak veneer.

The kitchenette with a mini-fridge and stove has replaced the traditional kitchen, while the living area has become a spacious open space, with natural light and views, wherever the house is positioned, thanks to the large windows on three sides.

You may not be at a 5-star resort, but occasionally, you might forget that. Because the bathroom is designed like mini-SPA. With a 1.5 x 1.2m rain shower, natural light, stone cladding, and storage spaces. Additionally, you can benefit from a wood-burning fireplace, underfloor heating, and a heat recovery ventilation system.

Dwellii TR #2 is ideal for serving as a holiday home or semi-permanent residence.

every day

With just a few taps on your tablet or phone, through the integrated Loxone app, you can control everything in the house: lights, security, energy management, and home temperature.


7 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels ensure the complete sustainability and energy efficiency of Dwelli houses, while surplus energy is injected into the power grid.

Heat recovery ventilation

The house insulation prevents any unwanted air transfer, ensuring that the house maintains high air quality even after being left unattended for several days.

Intensity adjustable lighting fixtures

All fixtures are flame-resistant, ensuring enhanced comfort and are easily controlled and adjusted through the smart home system.

Discover how your DWELLII TR #2 home takes shape,
so you can enjoy a lifestyle tailored to your needs.



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